Bride Treatment (Private)

Body scrub, Mineral Bath, Body Mask and Facial Massage.
This is a great treatment for brides to be pampered from top-to-toe. We begin this treatment with a scrub and remove the dead skin layers to uncover the soft, supple skin below. As a next step, a warm mineral bath with bubbles to moisturize the skin, calm down your mind and increase the blood circulation. This step is followed by a body mask will detoxify and rejuvenate your body. After that we will treat you with facial treatment to improve the texture and make you look firmer and younger.

3,500 Baht 15% OFF 

The Perfect Bride (Private)

Body Scrub, Mineral Bath or Traditional Thai Herbal Stream with Milky Mineral Oil and Body Lotion.
This is a perfect course for brides to be gorgeous on special day. We created the program which including body scrub, body mask, mineral bath or traditional Thai herbal steam with milky mineral oil and body lotion. We also select and use our best products in each steps. It takes only 3 time to change your skin appearance. You can see the difference on the third time.

9,750 Baht 23% OFF 

*Valid 6 months and cannot transferable.

**This course takes 180 minutes per time. (3 Times)

Postpartum Health Care (Private)

After your baby is born, new mother needs to take care of herself. This traditional Thai style program is especially created for new mothers. It is a combination of special massage techniques, essential oils and specific Thai herbs for postpartum wellness in our steam room. We offer a special treatment which includes herbal ball compresses, a body scrub and also body firming massage that lifts up certain parts of your body. These treatments will improve the blood circulation, soften and smooth the skin, alleviates muscle aches, reduces the skin around the belly and supports it to make it firm again.

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